Too Many Repairs for your Houston House

You Have Too Many House Repairs to Fix We Buy Houses Houston

Not to worry this is the type of house we want to buy.  Don’t let expensive repairs keep you from selling your house.   Most people will not even think about buying a house that needs a lot of repairs,  these are actually the kind of houses we love because it keeps or construction guys working. Your typical home buyer does not want a leaky basement, peeling paint, eye sore in the yard, old kitchen, or other major repairs, there’s still a way to get cash for your house and have your repairs paid for in the process.

Let Us Buy The House and Pay for All the Repairs

They want to move in to a nice clean problem free home.  Besides that, it’s very difficult to get a loan on damaged property. Most banks and lenders will automatically avoid dealing with these properties, but houses that need of extensive repair is the type of house we specialize in. Sell your house to us, as-is, and do not concern yourself with the repairs, that’s what we do.

Buying Texas Houses buys distressed and damaged properties all the time. We make the repairs ourselves. We’ve turned many problem properties into beautiful homes so do not worry about the condition the house is in. We’ll buy your property with cash and take it off your hands.  You walk away problem and debt free.

Its a lot of expense to repair a broken house.  We know after living in a house even one year things get broken and wear out.  But if you have been living in the house for many years then things like the roof, the plumbing, the windows, the air conditioning, the landscaping many things have just fallen into disrepair.

When you look at the cost of a new roof you are talking $10,000 or more. You have the roof shingles or tiles removed and you may find out that there is a lot of rotten wood under there and you need to replace all of that.  Then the rain gutters have kept the trim around the roof wet and it has become rotten and you need all new trim and gutters.  This gets very expensive very fast.

Other Expensive household items that may need repair:

  • HVAC Air conditioning unit and duct work
  • Plumbing: drains, pipes, toilets, water heaters, fixtures, sewer line
  • House siding
  • Roof replacement
  • Foundation repair
  • Driveway repair
  • Tree trimming or cutting down

The expenses are just not worth it for a private individual.  Sell you house to an investor and make some money and move on.