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Sell Your House FAST

Our business is we buy houses and working with individuals who are having difficulties with a problem property. Many are saying "I want to sell my house fast" or "help me sell my house quickly." No problem because we want to buy your house. Are you ready to sell the house now? If it's an ugly house we will buy it. Get started and click the button below.

Any Situation One Solution

Avoid Foreclosure

Behind in payments and facing foreclosure? We can take your house and bring your payments current to solve your problem. We have helped 100's of get relief form foreclosure. We can help let us take over your house.

Expensive Home Repairs

Too many repairs needed to your house and they are keeping your house off the market. We are your solution we specialize in buying houses in need of repair, no matter how bad. We even buy houses with fire damage.

Owe Back Taxes to the County

Problem Solved
Life's obligations have kept you from paying your taxes every year, no problem. Buying Texas Houses is here to settle the debt to the county for you. Contact us today and lets get this taken care of.

Liens & Title Problems

We are experts in helping resolve title issues. This will make or break your ability to sell your house. We have resolved many cases that would have canceled the sell of a house. Contact us today and let us make sure your title is clean watch our video

Moving - Relocating

Your Have Options. There are a variety of options you have in selling your house when you are moving because of a job change, caring for a family member or any other reason. Start the process by clicking here.

Unwanted Inheritance

Handling Probate is Our Expertise. We understand the stress that comes from inheriting a house, the extra financial obligations, the property management. Give us a call to help you work through this.


This doesn't have to be ugly. We can help eliminate the stress of having to deal wiht your house and give you a solution that you maay never have thought about. Give us a call or fill out our form and get started on a equitable solution today.

Tenant Problems

Burned Out Landlord? As landlords ourselves we know that if you have other responsiblities bad tenants become overwhelming. Let us take the burden from you.

We can help, we buy houses fast. Call us 713-766-5900

Selling To Us Is Easy

What We Buy and How

Why Listing Your House With A Realtor Loses You Time and Money

When You talk to a Realtor

  • Ask the the average Days On Marketing (DOM) for a house like yours in your neighborhood. They either will not tell or have no clue and if they are honest most houses are a minimum of 6 to 9 months. That's a long time if it even sells then. Many houses fall out of contract.
  • Ask how long is the contract with them and can you cancel anytime? Usually the contract period now days is 9 months to 1 year. Why because they know it will take that long to sell it.
  • NOTE: If your house is going to sell fast with a Realtor it will sell in the first week on the market after that you are in for the long haul. Why because every new listing is treated like gold and all the other agents take note. But if your house is less than desirable then no one will bring their home buyer to look at it because they don't want to waste their time or be embarrassed with their clients. That's just the reality of the real estate agent thinking. We Buy Houses Fast in Any Condition if its an ugly house thats better.
  • Allow us to buy your house and you are going to save 6% in Real Estate Commission and fees. That's $1000s of dollars and ZERO days on the market. It's just plain and simple we will give you the best value for your house and buy it now "AS-IS" without any of the hassle of people viewing your house over and over again.

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